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Thank you to all of my readers! I've decided to stop writing and pursue other opportunities, however, my daily journal will continue on from when I first started writing so you can still keep up with your daily Clean Eating and Exercise --Paula

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46 yr. old Mother of 3 Maintains Her Weight through Clean Eating and Exercise:

Hi, my name is Paula and I'm really excited to be writing and sharing my passion for staying fit by eating healthy and staying active. I am a 46 years old and the mother of 3 children plus 2-step children. While balancing the children's driving, the cleaning and care of my children and my home, it can be difficult to make healthy meals and carve out time for myself.  Seven years ago, when my youngest son was born, I gained 40 pounds, as well as with my other 2 full-term pregnancies. By following my blogs,  you will see how I lost all that weight and how I’m now stronger- mentally and physically- than I've ever been before.

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Clean eating and exercising on a regular basis gives me self-confidence and lots of personal satisfaction.  Clean eating is a philosophy of eating foods that come directly from the source.  Foods that are processed such as  pre-packaged foods like chips, snack bags, foods made with processed flour are not as nutritious as whole foods.   Drive thru vs. sit down restaurants tend to leave you eating higher fat, higher sodium foods mindlessly which leaves you hungry sooner. Foods from vending machines or soda pop and many coffee concoctions which add inches to your waistline, but are often void of nutrition while being loaded with salt and sugar do not help you achieve your body-shape goals.  Another 'everyday' example would be apple juice vs. unfiltered apple cider.  The juice variety is basically sugar-water and should be fed to hummingbirds, while the apple cider is a healthier alternative for you and your family. Even better, eat a whole piece of fruit!

  I learned about this style of eating from several sources, including the search engines on MyCity.MD city websites, articles from the internet, books, and speaking to experts in their field.   You can learn more about clean and healthy eating by checking in on my blog everyday.

 I've created good habits that leave me with lots of energy and a healthy body. It’s difficult to resist temptations of fast foods, chocolate desserts, soda pop, and skipping workouts, but by making a commitment to my ‘best health’, I’ve been successful. You’ll realize as you read my blog that I enjoy treats periodically, but you’ll also realize that allowing appropriate sized treats are good for your soul and can help keep you on track without binging. 

 I’m dedicated to my ‘clean eating’ philosophy and my workout, which has saved my mental health during troubled times. I want to share my exercise and eating habits with you, as well as tips for success such as keeping a food/exercise diary to help monitor and track where your calories are being spent, and to monitor your progress (try using a workout/food diary). I also highly recommend a food scale to help tract portion control and get the most nutrition out of every bite!

 I will be posting my daily exercise routine, my eating diary, and tips for success.  If you get value out of parts of what I share, we can work together.

 Feel free to ask me any questions by responding to my daily blogs!  I hope by sharing my food and fitness habits, you too can follow or modify my daily routine to help you become the healthy person you always wanted to be, in mind and body. 

Paula  .…


I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I have recently signed up for fitness e-mails from some famous workout celebrities.  I have been very disappointed.  It seems to be a lot of teasers and this is what you will learn, but no real information.  One liners just aren't going to cut it.  I need practical, how to information to achieve my own personal fitness goals and that'sm what i want to give to you.

Sometimes I’m concerned that my information delivery style being too blunt.  But now, I feel more confident that my style will give more practical motivation for people who are looking to change their unhealthy eating/exercise habits, or for those who are looking just to tweak their progress.

I don’t believe any ONE PERSON has all the answers.  Be open minded but critical.  Be logical but have wild-abandon.  Know that baby steps begin before a sprint…and love yourself for trying!!!

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