05/01/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Sunday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 2. May 2014 07:16

In a society where the media-chosen models are a size 0 or 2, and frankly, are probably 13 years of age, it’s hard to keep a reality-based expectation for what we, ourselves, should look like!

As hard as I work 6-7 days per week at some form of exercise, I myself, have not achieved my self-imposed exercise/physical ideals.  But are we our own worst enemy?  Bad or distorted body image can sabotage you’re workout/clean eating goals and cause anyone to feel hopeless about the process.

LET’S ALL MAKE A CHANGE TODAY! Negative thought patterns, mindless stress eating or drinking are choices (unless you have a mental health issue- then I hope that you are getting a doctor’s assistance with that issue).  Let’s all choose to cut ourselves a break.

Here is a reality check:

-You can have 15% body fat, ripping arms and dimples on your thighs (I know).

-Your butt probably never looks as big in those pants as you think they do.

-Pattern baldness is a natural process, to be expected in many, and no one else notices it as much as you do.

-Eating a container of ice cream or a bottle of wine won’t make you feel better!

Find your passion!

Recognize the things you CAN CHANGE with hard work.  The things you don’t have as much control over, let go.

Develop a plan.

It’s all about baby-steps and beginning the process every day.

I have faith in the adventure of it all…and hope you’ll join me in the quest for our own personal best health!

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Sunday 05/01/11-Exercise Diary:

Yoga DVD- 90 mintes (only the secoond time I've ever had the patience to finish the whole thing)

Sunday 05/01/11- Eating Diary:

Day A

7 am- 4 egg whites (67 cal)

2 oz.steel cut oatmeal,+ cinnamon ( dry weight) (241 cal)

11 am- protein shake (160 cal)

2 p.m.- 5.5 oz scallops (150 cal)

8 oz mixed greens ( spinach, brocolli, brocolli slaw, pea pods,tomato, asparagus) (88 cal)

3 oz quinoa ( 150 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda oil- Find in refridgerator at health food stores (65 cal)

6 p.m.- 3 oz turkey breast, roasted, no skin/salt, spices (150 cal)

3 oz sweet potatoes (oven roasted in skin) (64 oz)

8 oz green vegetables ( raw or steamed ) asparagus, brocolli, green beans, brocolli slaw (88 cal)

8 p.m.-6 oz. shrimp (pan seared) (145 cal)

3 oz beans, lima beans (frozen then thawed) (144 cal)

8 oz greens (assorted) ( 88 cal)

1/2 tsp Uda's or flax oil ( 65 cal)


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